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 - Weather Report Page 2 ESTABLISHED 1841 121st...
Weather Report Page 2 ESTABLISHED 1841 121st YEAR IOWA CITY IOWA, FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 28, 1963 18 PAGES 10 CENTS n C2 n - z1 nM "Nri "' DDGu J IH u1 1 , e Occur V70 Wo Drownings A 1 " i s r v. Four piles of clothing along- along- the bank of a farm pond and a boat jvith three men probing the bottom bottom bear mute evidence to the tragedy which took the lives of four boys Thursday afternoon. fJitifo Arrives in led " Walter L'lbrlcht (Spade Beard) ha survived many purges: Page 14. : BERLIN UP) Soviet Premier Khrushchev ar rived in East Berlin today . and was told that President for ;fi Kennedy's triD to West Ber- Ber- l? P 1 G , Valentina TereshKova, the So-tienneay So-tienneay So-tienneay a inp 10 west tser- tser- p8or e ' against the people of . ,H.t ... e tv,, 'v,t to was made for the purpose of Lst Germany' in the Interests t'6'?!? ir effnTtn creating enmity among Ger- Ger- of the -American -American monopolists." lf!dLf j!:Tt.l S Z:rnlZ agreed. He came for a summit meet- meet- JFK Lauds Ireland's f Summit ing with leaders of Soviet bloc countries. . ; Walter Ulbricht, the spade- spade- Dearaea uerman Lomiaim- Lomiaim- ist leader, gi'eeted Khrushchev with a kiss and declared in a welcoming speech Kennedv came to West Ber- Ber- f :V;!?i: agreed completely with Ul-analysis Ul-analysis Ul-analysis of the Ken- Ken- bricht's 1' .if M 1 A Discovery of the clothing boys led to dragging JKiverside and finally, discovery of the bodies. Jlore pictures, page 8. (Press - Berlin Meefina ' nedy visit to West Berlin on Wednesday. : Khl.ushchev ' : stepPad ' put of h( --,-r.,r,ikj --,-r.,r,ikj --,-r.,r,ikj --,-r.,r,ikj --,-r.,r,ikj v, hi. " K. VJ ... wife,, Nina. COXTRARY TO speculation Khrushchev did not bring along whip up pubUc excitement ,to., ilar to that which greeted Ken nedv in West Berlin. Officially the purpose of the - visit-announced visit-announced visit-announced only four days ago is to helo Ulbricht cele brate his70th birthday Sunday, and no trace of the of the farm pond near Citizen Photo.) - Judicial Commission Is Appointed , tSS MOIRES ',rive members members of the e'ghth judicial district district judicial nom'natir.g eom- eom- nuoMuu ere namea touay oy Govr-flsrold-Hi-ghes. Govr-flsrold-Hi-ghes. Govr-flsrold-Hi-ghes. Govr-flsrold-Hi-ghes. Govr-flsrold-Hi-ghes. Govr-flsrold-Hi-ghes. They will be joined bv five ntmbn oioctari hv ottr,, r,0,-c r,0,-c r,0,-c t ' - ..WJU . me J onii jon-iowa jon-iowa jon-iowa county ais- ais- trict and the senior distr'ct court judge James P. Gaff-ney Gaff-ney Gaff-ney to make up the commission. commission. The nominating commissions commissions will . make recommenda-; recommenda-; recommenda-; tions to 'the governor for ap-1 ap-1 ap-1 Postmen to the bench. Members of the district com- com- mission named bv Huehes are Mrs. Dahlia Dale Devers. of Iowa C?tvt the Democratic can-: can-: can-: didate for 1 secretary of state in last- last- fal.'s election, Larry P. : Waters, Iowa City real e.-tate e.-tate e.-tate In 20-Foot 20-Foot 20-Foot Water West of Riverside RIVERSIDE Four boys, 8 to 13. drowned late Thursday afternoon in a farm pond V' miles northwest northwest of Riverside. The bodies were recovered between 7:15 and 7:45 p.m. by members of the Johnson county coast guard auxiliary, called to. the scene by Washington County : Korth Denies Pentagon OK'd Inferior TFX WASHINGTON (JP) -Secretary -Secretary of . the Navy Fred Korth gave senate investigators investigators a denial today that the Pentagon has settled settled for an inferior, costlier version of the TFX warplane. His testimony before the senate senate investigations subcommittee subcommittee was in dii-ect dii-ect dii-ect conflict with that given previously by witnesses witnesses for the uniformed air force and navy. The plane is intended for use bv both ser- ser- vices. Korth pictured the General Dynamics version as 320 miles an hour faster than . B;eing's 1 at high altitude. 150 miles an hour faster at low altitude. The top speed has been described described in testimony as about two and a half times the speed of sound. SArO THE Gerera! Dy- Dy- HE namics plane cou'd stay aloft longer than Boeing's 50 per cent longer over an assult area at extreme lorrg range. He said Boeing's desiu had unaecenteble mansuveruie re - ... strictions. ard -that-at-e:treme -that-at-e:treme -that-at-e:treme -that-at-e:treme altitudes and speeds the Gen- Gen- eral Dynamics version would be twice as maneuverab.'e. Boeing, he Va'd. had a . not-highly-sigT.ificant not-highly-sigT.ificant not-highly-sigT.ificant not-highly-sigT.ificant not-highly-sigT.ificant advantage of lighter weight, but the General Dynamics version had an advantage advantage of being smaller. THE SIBCOSnnTTEE is spdkinc tn .sishiich i-v,tv,. i-v,tv,. i-v,tv,. : favoritism figured "in award of tvi r,n,nn.. i u to thg General Dj-namics Dj-namics Dj-namics Corp nf tn Worth tv (-h-' (-h-' (-h-' (-h-' (-h-' Boeins- Boeins- Co. nf S.trli Korth insisted that General Sheriff Charles C. Snyder. The drownings occurred in an estimated 20 to 25 feet of water in a two-acre two-acre two-acre farm pond on the Noah Mast farm. The pond's bottom drops abruptly where the old week bed passes through it and authorities believe believe the boys stepped from relatively shallow water into the deep water. None was believed able to swim. , THE VICTIMS were. John Eldon Yoder, 11. son of Mt, and Mrs. David Yoder of Riverside. Raymond James Gingerieh. 13. son of Mr. and Mrs. Mose J. Gingerieh .of Kalona. . The Gingerieh and Yoder boys were cousins. ' David Bell; 10. and his brother, brother, Carl. 8, both . wards of Johnson Johnson county juvenile court, who had gone to the Gingerieh home Tuesday. Funeral services for the Yoder Yoder and Gingerieh boye will be Saturday. Rites for the Bell boys, are pending. ' SIRS. MAST was the last to see the boys alive. She went j to the pond from the Mast i home to -warn -warn the boys that , the pond was deep and danger- danger- i ; OUS. ; m. Maat told the bovs. whv wers h the water, to come out' -han -han 9he left. xil four bp-s bp-s bp-s were at the Yoder home -'earlier -'earlier in the .afternoon. It Is near the Mart 'fit'.ni. P4 Four sv s iiiu titmie tw the Msst home about 3 p.m. and asltsd a caujrhter of the Masts. back to die pond to play. She Ind'cp'ed that they could, but' told Mrs. Mast a shorf time later the boys had gone to the pond. -airs. -airs. then hastened to saddle- saddle- a horse ride back a half imile" through big oaS fieM to the bond and warn the boys. " i DAATD YODER came to the -Mast- -Mast- home goon after 4 to Dick un the bovs. When he 1 found that they had been at tne he. too. hurried back. X n I iiXS-M- iiXS-M- iiXS-M- iiXS-M- RAYMON GINGERKH JOHN YODI.R f AU Vvv r, , .! DAVID BELL Cedar Rapids, Onava And Toledo Boys Drown By Tbe Associated Press 1 Authorities in Harrison couh? Three young Towa boys ty said the Posg boy and his drowned Thursday in separate brother. Charles. 8, were paddl-aecWents paddl-aecWents paddl-aecWents at- at- Onawa. Cedar ir.g" about the Is ice -m -m inner-Rapids inner-Rapids inner-Rapids and Tama. tubes whMi-Do&glas whMi-Do&glas whMi-Do&glas slipped out Including tlie four .farm pond of his-tube. his-tube. his-tube. , deaths near Kalona.- Kalona.- water ' Charles - paddled ashore and tragedies claimed seven lives to told his mother-what mother-what mother-what had hsD-Iowa hsD-Iowa hsD-Iowa Thursday. w.ed. Countv authorities, the The threp non-area non-area non-area viVti'iia- viVti'iia- Dng!ts Sfott Ro. 3. .son of Mr. and Mrs. P.pher.t Ross. Jr. of Onawa. who drowned when J1? !irerl out of an innertube at' the DeSoto Bqnd recreation ares 'west of Onswa. v. HU'lnm tilk"eet. 4. son. of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stalkfleet of Cedar Raoids. drowned, . in the Cedar river in Cedar .Rap ids. AHon Russef). 8.. son of Mr : and Mrs. Robert Klenk of To- To- ledo. Iowa, whose .body "was found on the - bottom nf the Tama-Toledo Tama-Toledo Tama-Toledo swimming poo) near Tama. CARL BELL Aiici-mi-4-a-U.- Aiici-mi-4-a-U.- Aiici-mi-4-a-U.- Aiici-mi-4-a-U.- Aiici-mi-4-a-U.- Aiici-mi-4-a-U.- Aiici-mi-4-a-U.- Aiici-mi-4-a-U.- Aiici-mi-4-a-U.- Aiici-mi-4-a-U.- members of -the -the Omaha Diving club joined in the search -for -for the body, whjr-li whjr-li whjr-li was foi-nd foi-nd foi-nd by Jack Olmstead. a member of the diving club, about 9:"0 p.m. in .10 feet of wnter some 40. feet from shore . .. . CEDR RAPID Police Chief George Matias ssid the StalI-:fleefboy StalI-:fleefboy StalI-:fleefboy had been playing" with a 13-vear-oId 13-vear-oId 13-vear-oId 13-vear-oId 13-vear-oId jrirl and an- an- other youngster. He . said it wasn't certain, whether the children "were claying on the bank orwere'.itimning in and out of a boat tied to the shore."

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