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 - Iowa City Daily Press By »AM £ CARRELL....
Iowa City Daily Press By »AM £ CARRELL. Office, Hummer Block. 'Phone 41. city except through democratic sue cess. Hatered at the postoffice at Iowa City _ _ «B aecond-clasa matter. - QAILY PRESS SUBSCRIPTION JRATEsT One year, by mall $2.00 rash in advance Qua jew , by carier,{3 1 0 cisfc ID au*aa*ce. Oa» moutli tj cdirir. we. payable monthly. Advertising rates are fiat a ad will b« riven oti ·apoilcatioii. when ordering a change of address always £a« the old as well asttxe new P. O. and B. B address. Make all remittance by P. 0. order, N. T. drait . . at check oil hti Iowa City bank. Good correspuuattiiis in even com The Cedar Rapids Gazette is pretty consistent republican paper but it cannot well help being favora ble the _ re-election of Judge Wade. In a recfent issue, the Gazette makes this excellent point: "The Muscatine Journal, so anxiou^ to have Judge Wade explain his record, record, might refer to the evident fact that the judge secured more for the Second district than was obtained for any other district of the state. From this it is supposed that the judge paid some attention to business while some of the other representatives were absent absent from the sessions weeks at a time. If the people of the Second district come to understand Judge Wade's record in comparison with the records of others, they will rise up and make the demand that he add thereto for some years to come." TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1904. QEMOCRAT1C NATIONAL TICKET. For President, ALTON B. PARKER, New York, For Vice President, HENRY G. DAVIS, West Virginia. DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET. Elector-at-Large, W. O. SCHMIDT, Davenport Elector-at-Large, 3. B. ROMANS,' Denison. Secretary of State, ·CHARLES A. DICKSON, Sioux City. Auditor of State, S. F. MEDARY, Waukon. Attorney General, 3AURICE O'CONNOR, Fort Dodge. Treasurer, HENRY R1EGELMAN, Des Moinea Judge of Supreme Court, J. W. SULLIVAN, Algona. Railroad Commissioner, X P. MANATRY, Fairfield. The trouble with Roosevelt has been his disposition to assume that there was no other way but his, and he has been greatly inflated in consequence. consequence. But Judge -Parker points out another and a better way to attain attain our ends as a government. The idea of the republican national committee in sending Senator DolU- ver with Fairbanks through the west was a very wise arrangement. If Dolliver can't thaw out the Hoosier iceberg, then the thing is hopeless. If Roosevelt imagined his bluff:; would not be called he has doubtle 3 changed Ms mind since the publication publication of the Parker letter. Collier's Weekly is still advocating the election of Roosevelt---and a democratic democratic House to hold Mm in check. Just let the conviction fix itself In cur mind that tMs is New York'a year to go democratic. LIST OF CLAIMS PASSED UPON AT THE SEPTEMBER 'SESSION. Items Entering into the Cost of Carrying Carrying on the Government of This County.--Expenditures. Poor and Poor Farm. (Allowed at September Session, 1904.) J, R. Slaby, groceries for for JPoor Fann .. i 11 95j jeo. Jas. White, corn for Poor Farm Miller Miller, supplies'"and repairs, Poor Farm Johnson County Mutual Tel. Co., rent for phones Poor Farm Frank Zmunt, groceries for Poor Farm 18 25 13 00 1 00 G. W. Pinney, services Poor Farm J. L. Wilkinson, groceries for Poor Farm George Wicks, salary April and May, Poor Farm 125 00 poor 47 30 7 53 Hirfc Brothers, groceries for F °° r · · · . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C. Yoder, groceries for Wm. Droll, groceries for the poor Iowa City, burial permit '.".'I 5 00 W. J. McLaughlin, groceries for poor 10 50 John Christie, care for the 136 50 69 00 70 00 1 50 9 00 10 50 31 35 20 00 1 Sundry Persons, corn Poor Farm Rummelhart Bros., groceries Poor Farm Jordan Pianey, groceries Poor Farm 12 85 Chas. F. Hubner, flour and meal Poor Farm 36 80 , 01 12 7 70 I 21 30 ! 77 69- 8 55 0 Schuppert Brothers, bread for 30 ·CONGRESSIONAL. Tor Member of Congress, (Second Iowa District,) MARTIN J. WADE, of Johnson. COUNTY TICKET. For Auditor, LOUIS J. BASCHNAGEL. For Clerk, ED KOSER. For County Attorney, T. M. FAIRCHILD. For Recorder, GEO. W; DVORSKY:, · ? For Supervisor, ED POWERS. The ice men should get ready for ice harvest. Refrigerator Fairbanks is coming to Iowa City. ONLY ONE WAY OPEN. Judge Parker is undeniably right in Baying that those who are not in every every way satisfied with republican policies policies have no possible hope of relief except in voting the democratic ticket. And republicans who do not fully agree with the democratic party, can tod justification for voting this year fir the democratic national ticket and for democratic congressmen in the feet that any action proposed by the democrats would have to receive the sanction of the republican senate. This idea Is not advanced, as Roosevelt Jf - A P.ecognized Star. From the%iew-point of scenic equipment, equipment, the ''Dr. Jekyll and Mr.'Hyde' production is one of the best shown entour this year. The management of this sterling attraction determined from the outset to give the proper backing to the company engaged for, the interpretation of the play, and as a result the playgoers of this city will view on next Friday night one of tha most satisfactory offerings of the year. Every act is dressed in the most pleasing fashion, and every regard regard has been given even the most minute details, as well -as the more prominent ones. Mr. Elwyn Strong has gained.-a prominent place among America's leading men. His support this season is unusually strong. There are but few men who are acquainted acquainted with "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.'' Those who have not seen the production have no doubt read the book. As presented at the Opera house there will be many improvements, Frank E. Cole, groceries for poor James Holub, groceries for poor Ph. Katzenmeyer, flour for poor Heck Company, groceries for poor Union Bakery Co., bread'for poor Harris Estabrook, groceries ^ tor poor " 37 34 'ordan Pinney, groceries for poor 5 00 I. A. Sporleder, groceries for poor, cl'd 17.50 17 00 eorge Earth, groceries for Poor 6 v o wa City Bus and Hack Co., hack service for poor i 75 F. W. Sies, burials for the Poor .. « 26 3Q Lewis Griffith, groceries for poor 9 oo C. H. Albrecht, houserent for poor .3 oo J. S. Peters, groceries for poor 2 00 J. S. Peters, salary overseer poor ·. 75 00 Trimble Bros., support for August and Sept 20 00 J. Kasper and F. Cole, groceries groceries for poor 48 JO Fiank Zmunt groceries for poor 7 50 McGovern Bischoff, clothing clothing for poor i 50 H. A. Sporleder, groceries for Poor Farm W. J. Welch, chinaware for Poor Farm John Koza Son, meat for Poor Farm C. L. Wichmier, corn Poor Farm C. Tetter, dry goods Poor Farm J. W. Cerny, harness anr re- j W. 5 20 6 77 Dan J. W. S* 14 I 1 °° i pairs Poor Farm 9 20 | Stewart Farm Son, shoes Poor F. persons ' iabor - p ° or p Schneider Bros., casket and «2 6 50 ; livery Poor Farm 4 00 Miller Lumber Co, lumber at Poor Farm 10 SO C. R. I. P. Ry. Co., transportation transportation for poor . ... IS 05 Mrs. Sours, supplies for'Poor Farm 12 00 Ph. Stagg, fish for Poor Farm 5 n J J Hotz Pickle Co., Barrels for Poor Farm 1 50 j i j Lewis I J. S. Peters, groceries for poor Joe Draker, groceries tor the poor Union Bakery, bread for the 6 50 4'00 1 00- poor Sueppel, groceries for the poor 37 50 Wm. G. Ruppert, meat for the- poor Schuppert Bros., bread for the 1 00 t 1 o"0 poor Struble Larson, groceries for the poor ...." ..'__ 34 OQ Cfagy Hartsock, jgrocerieS'.fQfr ' ·% the por *..." 2 n J. L. Wilkinson, groceries for poor .- 1200 A. Doty, medical service- for poor 85 90 Mahoney Sons, hauling for poor Fred Rapp, groceries for 2 00 poor, claimed $58 50 referred Mercy Hospital, board and care poor 120 00 C. Sueppel, clothing for Poor Farm Hoffelder Bros., dry goods for Poor Farm Strub Co., dry goods for 14 50 12 85 Joe Draker, groceries for the poor 7 17 C. W. Thompson, coal for the poor js 00 A. M. Oehler, supplies Poor Farm 5 oo County Insane. E. Rowland, for conveying Stoulberger to hospital 27 10 E. Rowland, for conveying Brogan to hospital ".... 16 53 E. Rowland, for conveying Reynolds to hospital 23 SO E Rowland, for conveying Theobald to hospital 21 96 E. Rowland, for conveying Abbott to Iowa City..".... 79 59 E. Rowland, for conveying Sedlach to hospital ie 53 E. Rowland for conveying Brogan to hospital .-. 19 43 E. Rowland for conveying Abbott Abbott to hospital 22 5S E. Rowland, expense account Lucy Reynolds 4 75 Sundry Persons, fees account Stoulberger, insane 22 45 Sundry Persons, fees account .. Reynolds, insane .-..-.'-..-.;. 13 50 Sundry Persons, fees- account Abbott, insane .- 9 00 Sundry Persons, fees account ··' Laufer, · insane .., 11- 70 Sundry Persons, fees account Hulbert, insane Sundry Persons, fees account Onash, inebriate Scott J, W. T. S. Sundry Persons, fees account Brogan, inebriate ......... Sundry Persons, fees account Sedlacek, inebriate ...... Western Union Telegraph Co. telegrams ............... 9 00 3 45 2 10 19 40 60 Fox, Mrs. Dr. x f for John . Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa C. L. C.

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  1. Iowa City Press-Citizen,
  2. 27 Sep 1904, Tue,
  3. Page 4

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